On 27th October the newly formed ECPD Institute for Sustainable Development, Urban Planning and Environmental Studies held its first conference in Slovenia titled: Time after the crisis – opportunity or necessity for sustainable development?

The conference was held in the hall of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia. The participants of the conference that was led by the Director of the Institute Mr. Janez Podobnik, included: the President of the ECPD Academic Council H.E. Prof. Dr. Takehiro Togo, the President of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia Mr. Blaž Kavčič, Dr. Žiga Turk, Dr. Albert Maes former ambassador of the European Commission, Prof. Yves-Rastimir Nedeljković, Prof. Dr. Dušan Plut, Dr. Marjan Senjur, Dr. Peter Raspor and Matjaž Hanžek.

Each participant presented his look on the current economic crisis from the viewpoint of his profession. The discussion therefore included a wide variety of opinions and thus managed to present a much wider view on the subject (not only environmental but also political, social, geo-strategic, economic, scientific).

The conference was divided into two parts: speeches and presentations of the already mentioned speakers, and a short moderated discussion which included the remaining participants (in all almost 50 participants attended the conference).

The joint conclusion was that the first conference of the ECPD Institute in Slovenia was a success. This was due to the fact that it managed to confront and, more importantly, to merge opinions originating from so many different professions and academic backgrounds. The participants agreed that this interdisciplinary approach to environmental and socio-economic problems of the present that was witnessed at this conference is the right way to plan successful sustainable solutions for tomorrow.

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