Round table discussion:

Nature park Goričko

On 10 May, 2011,ICPE, ECPD and Nature park Goričko organized a disscusion on sustainable development of protected areas - Nature park Goričko. The guests were welcomed by ICPE DG dr. Štefan Bogdan Šalej, ECPD director Mr. Janez Podobnik as well as the state secretary in the office of the Prime minister of Republic of Slovenia, dr. Andrej Horvat. The session was moderated by mag. Mladen Berginc from the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of RS, who successfully led the conversation. Discussion was indeed productive with many ideas and presentations of good practices, such as innovative environmentally friendly farming company, shared by prominent speakers, such as the honorary president of ICPE, dr. Anton Vratuša,director of the Nature park Goričko, dr. Bernard Goršak, Mayor of Grad, prof. Dr. Janez Malačič from Faculty of Economics, Uni. Lj., Mr. Daniel Kalamar, Irena Kumer from the National education institute of RS and others. The discussion showed that nature parks are an excellent tool, which the state can use to implement its developmental policies and we could see that it is essential for the state to cooperate with local communities, intellectuals and all people that live there. The round table concluded wih recommendations, that serve as grounds for the next meeting, which shall occur in November 2011.

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