Present: dr. Boris Cizelj, dr. Peter Raspor, Bojan Starec, Janez Podobnik,.
Absent: mag Lorena Korošec

The meeting took place in the new offices of the Institute - the address: Dunajska 104 – in Ljubljana. In the first informal part of the meeting the Institute’s staff received a visit from the ICPE – International Center for Promotion of Enterprises – director-general dr. Štefan Bogdan Šalej and the ICPE project coordinator Mr. Uroš Zver. The wished the Institute and his director successful and fruitful work. The president of the Institute’s Council, dr Cizelj, thanked Mr. Šalej and ECPD Institute’s director Mr. Podobnik for their positive thinking that was present at the opening of the Institute’s new premises, and explained his firm belief that both ECPD and ICPE have lots of opportunities to find common synergies and goals.

The contents of the meeting were as follows:

  1. Institute’s program for the year 2010
  2. Financial plan of the Institute
  3. Preparations to begin publishing Institute’s online magazine
  4. Relevant matters of the day
  1. The Institute’s program was (as a draft) already prepared at the Secretariat’s first meeting, the 22nd December 2009. It was later re-checked, widened thoroughly assessed on Director’s working meeting in Belgrade on 25th and 26th January 2010.

In 2010 the Institute will actively participate on different international meetings, conferences and round tables:

      1. it will actively participate, as the organizer of the panel Climate Change and Health, on the Climate Change and the UN System conference; the leading role will be given to Prof. Dr. Marina Bujko, who already secured the participation of the leading biometeorology experts from the Serbian academic sphere. Slovenia will probably contribute dr. Peter Raspor and dr. Ana Saksida.

      1. EREF – the Institute will take part - in-directly- in the formation of one of the panels on the topic of sustainable development and values. The panel will be moderated by Mr. Peter Raspor, The Institute’s Director Mr. Janez Podobnik will also take part as a participant. The second panel on development paradigms will also see participation of dr. Dušan Plut. The Belgrade ECPD office’s participation on EREF will be by prof. Matejić.

      1. ICPE – the Institute is actively cooperating on the preparation of the international conference on seaside areas and river protection (Integrated Coastal Zone Management); the decision was made to invite on the next meeting of the Permanent Committee of the Conference one of the ECPD experts – Dr. Branislav Đorđević, who is very well acquainted with the topic.

      1. The Institute will prepare an international meeting on food safety – provided that the meeting is co-funded by the Slovenian Government (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food). If the co-funding is not possible, the meeting/conference will be postponed for one year.

      1. The Institute will organize the first International summer school of urbanism. This is one of the biggest organizational and financial tasks the Institute will have to tackle this year. The person primarily responsible for the project will be Mr. Bojan Starec, the only question open is the one regarding the date of the summer school (the position that prevailed in this meeting was that beginning of October would be the best time). The matter regarding the date of the school will be further discussed by the Institute’s Director and Dr. Stupar – she is the one who is responsible for the thematic background of the event; in addition she and director Janez Podobnik will try to enlist the Institute on different open international tenders (especially ones concerning the acquisition of EU-funding). It was also decided to have further meetings with Mr. Polzer, regarding this matter.

      1. The Institute will through its connections actively participate in different international tenders to try obtaining international funding. ( Exchange 3 ; IPA –Socio-Economic Partnership programme and others).

    1. In the coming days the Director will prepare sponsorship letters for possible donators from Slovenian economic sphere.
  1. The financial plan of the Institute was set up very ambitiously – it can only be successfully fulfilled when the Institute successfully acquires at least one European tender. The plan will be revised after the first three months. The so-called fees are planned to contribute as much as 36.000 EUR.
  1. Preparations for the online magazine of the Institute will be coordinated by Dr Raspor; they will be further debated on the next meeting of the Secretariat, presumably at11.of March (a working meeting is planned on which Dr. Raspor, Mr. Podobnik and Mag. Koroec are given the task of solving out all the technical issues regarding the publication of the magazine).
  1. The GIS Usage in Medicine Project (which also covers the area of ecology) is planned to be presented to various Slovenian institutions; plans for Prof Toskić’s exhibition in Slovenia are already underway( the most realistic date – beginning of may) . The next step is to check the possibility of applying to the ASO program with the ECPD conference in Ljubljana this November. We are also searching for an opportunity for prof. Yves Nedeljković to hold a lecture for Slovenian students on strategic and conceptual questions of sustainable development and socioantropologic views of man and nature’s cohabitation.

Janez Podobnik

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