Post-Conference ICAM/RBM Steering Committee, 9,12, 2010

Ljubljana, 9. 12. 2010, Dunajska 104, ICPE


1. Evaluation of the International Conference ICAM/RBM, 10-11 Nov. 2010
a) Report of the Secretariat
b) Adoption of Decisions and recommendations (Annex 1)

2. Current status of the project proposals
a) Project leaders briefing on the latest progress of the project proposals
b) Authorization of the project proposals transcripts from the conference

3. Forming connections between Partners and Project leaders
Discussion on:
a) Memorandum of Understanding draft (Annex 2) between partners
b) Consortium Agreement draft (Annex 3) between project leaders

4. Miscellaneous

12:30 Working lunch at Glažuta Restaurant


ICAM/RBM Int. Conference Secretariat report (work from the conference until the steering committee)

The Conference secretariat continued with its work immediately after the conclusion of the International Conference, and was doing so in three main points:

-informing about results/decisions of the conference; we sent the report of the conference to compenent EU Institutions, that cover the field of sustainable development of water/sea macro regions (DG REGIO, DG ENVIRONMENT), and reports were also sent to some governmental and other insititutions in RS

- cooperation with individual project leaders, that were introduced at the conference; cooperation with mag. Cotič, that coincided with the visit of Belgrade mayor Đilas at the mayor of Ljubljana, Mr Janković; where the Recreational and Long Distance tourist bicycle lanes along sava River, Connecting capital Cities Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade Project was mentioned; connection with dr. Erić Team (IEN), visit of Belgrade on 4. december, in process: a working meeting in Zagreb

- preparation of todays conference secretariat meeting

During this time, dr. Vratuša and myself visited the state secretary at the Government office for Development and European Affairs, mag. Jerina, who is also a national coordinator for the strategy of the Danube Region: She informed us about the latest activiies regarding the preparation of the final version of EU Strategy for Danube Region; she briefly evaluated the possiblilities of financial participation for individual projects with regards to European funds; the discussion, where dr. Krajc from ministry of foreign affairs and mag. Mally, thedeputy of mag. Jerina were also present, was very informative and devoted to the work of the conference.
Dr. Vratuša and I have also had a meeting with dr. Bricelj and mag. Berginc from MOP. The main topic was further cooperation of the conference with MOP, especially on the project of Park Goričko, the possibilities on a new project »protection of the Dinaride's (Dinaric Alps)« and continous mutual informing about activities.
Prof. Gričar informed us on his initiative, that all the institutions, that deal with different questions about the Danube region should meet within the frame of SVREZ (Government Office for Development and European Affairs).

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