Mr Janez Podobnik attended the 1stDanube Financing Dialogue, " Financing projects of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Danube Region" which took place in Vienna, between 22/23 March 2012 and was organized by EU Commission DG Regional Policy and city of Vienna. The main topic discussed was financing of SME projects in the Sava region. The participants were representing International Financing Institutions, SME associations and many other small and medium enterprises. During the discussions and especially face-to-face meetings between representatives of SMEs and Financial Institutions many projects in the field of entrepreneurship were presented. The key focus was on how to find financial sources for these projects.

Mr Podobnik,  has, together with mag. Nebojša Bomešar, Economic Institute Banja Luka, presented the project Fostering contribution of the SME sector to sustainable development of the Sava River basin /SAVA SME.

This project was firstly presented at the ICAM Conference in November 2012, which was organized by ICPE and ECPD. Mr Podobnik has met representatives of financial institutions as well as representatives of different SME Associations from various countries.

The next meeting is planned for autumn, to be held in Belgrade.


Mr Janez Podobnik and mag. Nebojša Bomeštar (left) in front of the panel, representing the SAVA-SME project.

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