International ECPD Institute delegation visits International Sava Commission Secretariat

On Thursday 17th June 2010, the International ECPD Institute delegation consisting of Institute director Janez Podobnik, dr Goran Vižintin and dr. Uroš Rakič, visited the seat of the International Sava Commission ( in Zagreb. They were received by Secretary-General dr. Dejan Komatina and the Deputy of the Secretary for water and water systems protection, Samo Grošelj.

The ECPD delegation presented the basic concept of the GIS Technology, Eco and Risk Management in the Sava/Danube river Basin project. The projects plans to design a methodological tool that would enable common management of Danube and Sava river basins, with the goal of preserving and improving the natural status of rivers in the region.

The Sava Commission Secretariat has in cooperation with its expert sub-groups and all 4 contracting countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia) made a large amount of work in a short span of time. This is shown in high-quality publications (Sava River basin Analysis Report) and in many already working international projects (Projects of high importance for sustainable development of the Sava River Basin, priority projects of the International Sava River Basin Commission).

The Secretariat is currently working on following projects:

1) Development of the Sava River Basin Management Plan;

2) Establishment of the Sava GIS;

3) Hydrological Study for the Sava River Basin;

4) Flood Mapping Study for the Sava River;

5) Building the link between Flood Risk Management planning and climate change assessment in the Sava River Basin;

6) Water in Climate Adaptation Plan for the Sava River Basin;

7) development of the Hydro meteorological Information and Flood Forecasting and Warning System for the Sava River Basin;

8) Water Pollution Contingency Management Plan for the Sava River Basin;

9) Biodiversity and Environmental Status of Sediment, Water and Biota in the Sava River Basin;

10) Development of the Nautical Tourism in the Sava River Basin;

11) Rehabilitation and Development of Transport and Navigation on the Sava River Basin;

12) Establishment of the Sava River Information Services (RIS);

13) Establishment of the system for collection, treatment and disposal of hazardous and other ship waste on the Sava River;

It has been agreed that the International ECPD Institute and Sava Commission representatives meet again in the beginning of July. Both sides have presented their readiness for cooperation. One of the purposes of this cooperation is the detailed evaluation of the International ECPD Institute's project and the consequent positioning of this project in some of the already planned Sava Commission activities.

from left side: dr.Dejan Komatina, Janez Podobnik, dr. Uroš Rakić, dr. Goran Vižintin,Samo Grošelj

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