Green jobs ILO Initiative

The promotion of green jobs is central in the transition towards a greener economy. Climate change and the excessive use of scarce resources are calling for proactive policies to respond timely and avert the worse and create pathways to sustainable development - with decent work for all. But the much needed innovative strategies can only succeed with the full engagement of enterprises and workers.
The ILO agenda for green jobs promotes a socially fair transition, in which vulnerabilities, changes in the labour market and new business models are addressed through an inclusive social dialogue.
Green jobs help reducing negative environmental impact, ultimately leading to environmentally, economically and socially sustainable enterprises and economies. In practical terms, green jobs contribute to:

    1. reduction of energy consumption and use of raw materials
    2. reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
    3. minimization of waste and pollution
    4. protection of ecosystems

Green jobs can be created in all sectors and types of enterprises, in urban and rural areas, and in countries at all levels of economic development.

Seeking the full involvement of its constituents, the ILO green jobs programme operates globally providing policy guidance through participation in international debates, country assessment and policy advice, technical assistance and capacity building.

Green jobs and the promotion of the green economy are pivotal for achieving an economic and social development that is also environmentally sustainable. Increasingly, countries are developing policies and implementing strategies to reduce emissions, develop more efficient energy scenarios and improve waste management. A broader policy agenda for climate-resilient strategies and sustainable growth that also reduces poverty is emerging. Evidently, this has far reaching consequences for employment and the overall functioning of labour markets.

The ILO's Green Jobs Programme promotes a practical and coherent strategy that recognizes the strong interdependence between the need for social development and the urgency to act on climate change. The analysis and policy guidance provided by the Programme contribute to the promotion of a fair globalization and the development of sustainable enterprises and economies which are efficient, socially just and environmentally sound. The Programme contributes to regional and local initiatives by constituents for greening economies and provides a comprehensive knowledge base as well as tools for applying practical approaches.




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