IRDO - Institute for development of Social Responsibility and PRSS - Slovenian Association for Public Relationship, under high patronage by the president of Republic of Slovenia, dr. Danilo Türk, in partnership with many professional organization, have awarded the recipients of Slovenian Award for Social Responsibility HORUS 2011 on 24. 11. 2011 at 20:00 in Kazinska dvorana SNG Maribor. In the category of enterprises the HORUS Award 2011 was awarded to:

Micro - small enterprises: Lotrič laboratorij za meroslovje, d.o.o.

Medium enterprises: Mariborski vodovod, javno podjetje d.d.

Large enterprises: BTC d.d.

In the category of institutes the HORUS Award 2011 was recieved by Zavod Naprej – zavod za varstvo, rehabilitacijo in kvaliteto življenja po poškodbi glave.

HORUS Award has also given special acknowledgement to entrepreneurs with slovenian roots, that are working abroad, the HORUS Award was given to Marko Dolžan (Polfa Lodz SA, Poljska). Special acknowledgement was awarded to journalists Jana Petkovšek Štakul and Barbara Pavlin, and a general special award was given to Društvo Ekologi brez meja and Tomo Križnar. The HORUS Awards have been held for the third year in a row, where the organizers and their partners try to find and award sustainable approaches to social responsibility by companies through call for tenders.


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