On 24 August 2012 in Ljubljana Director, Mr. Janez Podobnik, MD, met with Ms. Elke Anklam, PhD, Director of Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, ISPRA, Italy, Mr. Viktor Nedović, PhD, University of Belgrade, Department of Agriculture, and Advisor to the Minister in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Belgrade, Serbia, and Prof. Peter Raspor, PhD, Head of the Chair of Biotechnology, Biotechnical Faculty, Food Science and Technology Department, University of Ljubljana.


The main porpuse of the meeting was to identify posibilities of cooperation with the mentioned above institutions in the variety of the EU projects. The major topics include the Danube Region Strategy, wastewater management, energy efficiency, agriculture development, and food security and some concrete project proposals were discussed more in-depth.


The member of the ECPD Academic Council Prof Dr Peter Raspor especially emphasized on the fact that ECPD Institute for Sustainable Development will be potential partner in this consortium of cooperation. All the participants greatly appreciated this note since ECPD Institute for Sustainable Development has explicit expertise in such kind of projects.


The meeting was held in very open and positive atmosphere with the concrete examples of projects to start with. All the participants agreed to continue communication and to have a meeting at the end of September to continue the required preparations.


After the meeting, the same group had a meeting with Dr. Franci Demšar, Head of Slovenian Research Agency, and Prof. Dr. Stone Pejovnik, Rector of University of Ljubljana to continue discussion how to cooperate and work more closely on the issues of the common interest and expertise.

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