Consortium agreement

Project Leaders

Steming from readiness for cooperation in executing international projects, connected withj ICAM/RBM International Conference and Memorandum of Understanding (especially its 3. Article), the Project Leaders (hereinafter reffered as signatories)

signed the Consortium Agreement

1. Article

Consortium is established for achieveing the following objectives:

- Stimulation of preparing crossborder projects for sustainable development of waters and other sources on field, covered by ICAM/RBM Conference;
- Strengthening knowledge for preparing, coordination and management of crossborder projects on the field, covered by ICAM/RBM Conference;
- Successful inclusion of national and international financial sources, especially EU sources for successful execution of projects.

2. Article

Members agree that because of extensiveness of tasks, interdisciplinary approach and crossborder approach for realization of goals in the 1. Article of this agreement as well as merging human resources, competent and material resources, they organize into a Consortium.

3. Article

Members of the Consortium maintain their organizational autonomy and legal subjectivity. Consortium has no properties of a legal person, but it represents a voluntary association for achieving common goals as it is written in the preamble and 1. Article of this agreement. Consortium needs at least two members. Overall number of the signatories to the Consortium is not limited. Consortium is held at ICAM/RBM International conference venue, Dunajska 104, Ljubljana.

4. Article

The name of the Consortium is ICAM/RBM Consortium.

5. Article

To cover the costs of functioning and managing the Consortium a membership fee will be applied. The charge of the yearly membership fee is ___ EUR. Apart from the membership fee, we may determine an extra financial source for the work of the Consortium, e.g. costs for realization of specific project. The net cost of this source is determined by Consortium council with agreement of the project leader.

6. Article

Consortium leadership is represented by:

- Consortium council
- Consortium coordinator
Each signatory appoints one (1) member to the Consortium council. Their mandate lasts until the appointing signatory dismisses appointed member.
Consortium coordinator is appointed on the first meeting of the Consortium council.

7. Article

Regulations of work of the Consortium are adopted for transparent work of the signatories. The Consortium council meetings are decided by majority of present members of the Consortium council. Duties and proprieties of the Consortium coordinator are defined with his appointment. All operative tasks until the first meeting of the Consortium council, including the preparation for signing this agreement is done by the Secretariat of the ICAM/RBM Conference.

8. Article

Each signatory obliges to professional, devoted and responsible cooperation with the work of Consortium, regarding the contents of MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) and regarding the Decisions and recommendations of the ICAM/RBM International Conference.

9. Article

Consortium signatories agree that the duration of the membership is not fixed. Consortium may stop its activities if the members decide so on the Consortium council.

10. Article

Signatory can resign from the Consortium at any time. Their intention of leaving should be announced in written form and sent to the Consortium council. The announcement of resigning should be done at least three (3) months before the withdrawal. Withdrawing signatory in cooperation with other signatories consensually decide the duties and rights regarding the withdrawal.

11. Article

Signatories of the agreement concur that all possible disputes regarding the enforcement of this agreement are solved on a friendly basis.

In a case where the possible dispute would not be solved on a friendly basis, the signatories concur that the dispute is solved with arbitration of the Consortium, which includes 3 members – Consortium coordinator and one member for each party in dispute.

12. Article

Changes and supplementations of this agreement must be extended in written form. Each member receives one copy of the agreement and one copy is saved in the archives of the Consortium coordinator.
Agreement becomes valid on the day when it is signed by the Consortium members.

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