International Center for Promotion of Enterprises

is inviting you to attend

International Conference

Integrated environment Management of the Adriatic / Mediterranean–Black Sea Coastal Areas and the Danube/Sava River Basins focused on transport and tourism

ICPE, Ljubljana, Slovenia

10-11 November, 2010

organised in cooperation with

the European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD); the United Nation Environment Programme; Mediterranean Action Plan

with the support

of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia,
the Directorate General of Environment of the EU Commission
and Regional Cooperation Council, Sarajevo

DATE: 10-11 November, 2010


Dunajska 104

1000 Ljubljana

Tel: +386 1 5682331


  • Policy level government officials
  • High level representatives of International organisations
  • National and international experts from universities, research institutions and from economic chambers
  • Local Communities
  • Students
  • Public at large

The organizers expect the participants primarily from ICPE member countries of the Adriatic / Mediterranean-Black Sea Costal Areas and Danube / Sava River Basin

The EU membership of the Republic of Slovenia, as well as rich experience of the ICPE and its numerous international work associations with universities and research institutions in the member states and elsewhere represent important factors promising a successful Conference and follow-up activities by means of international joint projects expected to be conceived and formulated by interdisciplinary teams at the forthcoming interactive gathering.

In the Focus:

Challenges of the 21st century in the globalised world: facts assessment, ways and means for successful resolving of adverse developments in the human environment protection, as well as healthy water, food security and social responsibility management in the Adriatic/Mediterranean/Black Sea region and the Danube/Sava Rivers countries.

Ways and means for the promotion of cooperation on local, national and global levels for the implementation of commitments above all in the fields of tourism and transportation as factors enhancing human wellbeing and progress.

Launching a medium-term joint action program, consisting of parallel and interacting interdisciplinary problem-solving projects with an active involvement of the ICPE member countries, including also other interested countries. Focus to the topics related to the implementation in practice of international commitments deriving from the relevant international documents and national legislations. Linking environmental protection, sustainable development and social responsibility of organisations, governments on all levels from local to international, and individuals.


Within the framework of the above topics:

  • Adriatic / Mediterranean-Black Sea Costal Areas and Danube / Sava River Basin: Acquiring an insight into current activities related to policy level decisions that are part of implementation of the international strategies related to these regions;
  • Formulation of a medium term program of parallel research, training and capacity building international joint projects related above all to the fields of transport and tourism;
  • Major Social Actors: Harmonized horizontal and vertical interacting of the major social actors: science, enterprise local community, government and civil society in the cooperating target countries of the Adriatic, Mediterranean and Black Sea and the Danube/Sava basins.

Conference program

10 November: Morning and Afternoon Plenary session:

  • The keynote speaker address
  • The high level government officials, the representatives of universities and research institutions, the representatives of international organisations:
  • Discussion of challenges of the 21st century in the globalised world as well as the ways and means for the promotion and cooperation on local, national and global levels for the implementation of commitments in the fields of tourism and transportation and resolving problems in these domains;
  • Mediterranean Action Plan & Danube Convention & and their implementation;
  • Specific topics related to the international law, national environmental strategy, social responsibility and other connected issues;

11 November Morning: Round Table meetings

  • Project working groups’ activity: structuring of corresponding working teams.

11 November Afternoon - Plenary Session:

  • Presentation, discussion and adoption of mid term interdisciplinary project proposals.

The second announcement containing a detailed program will follow by 25th September, 2010.

Official language:

English will be the official language of the conference.

Conference fees:

Fees for participants: 100 €. Students’ fees: 50 €. No fee for paper presenters.

Fees for participants will cover cost of material, drinks and food.


  • Delivering papers / taking part in discussions;
  • Receiving papers at the conference;
  • Receiving the ICPE Journal Public Enterprise after the conference containing the conference results. Park

Travel and accommodation:

Some of the most frequently used hotels by the participants of the ICPE activities:

Austria Trend Hotel:;

Hotel Park:; Hotel Mons:;

Gostisce Portal:

ICPE may advise the participants on travel and on the accommodation in Ljubljana Hotels to the interested participants. Convenient solutions are currently being discussed and will be communicated in the second announcement.

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Program of the Conference

15 - 16 October 2020