"Business Dynamics:  Start‐ups, Business  Transfers  and Bankruptcy”.  The  economic  impact  of  legal  and  administrative  procedures  for  licensing,  business transfers and bankruptcy on entrepreneurship in Europe.

Final report, January 2011, source: European Commission

The study analyses  the economic  impact of  legal and administrative procedures  for licensing,  business  transfers  and  bankruptcy  on  entrepreneurship  in  Europe.                                                                    The study encompasses the 27 EU member states plus Croatia, Turkey, Iceland, Norway, Serbia  and  Montenegro.  For  each  of  the  focus  areas,  the  study  analyses  the  following: 

(i)  Licensing  procedures:  to  what  extent  do  these  administrative  procedures  delay  the  creation  of  new  enterprises? 

(ii)  Business  transfers:  to what extent have  the recommendations  included in the  1994  Commission  Recommendation  to  improve  transfers  of  business  been  implemented  and which  are  the main obstacles  still  remaining  to  successful  business  transfers?  and 

(iii)  Bankruptcy  procedures and Second Chance: what  is the  impact of bankruptcy law and  practices on  the  availability of a Second Chance (re‐starter) for failed entrepreneurs.

Read the report here: Business Dynamics: EC Final report



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