International ECPD Institute for Sustainable Development was in 2012 active on the basis of the adopted program of work for 2012. Executive Director of ECPD Belgrade, prof. dr. Negoslav Ostojić was regularly informed about the work and activities of the institute.

The secretariat of ECPD Institute held three regular sessions, in January, September and in December as well as many working meetings, where dr. Cizelj and dr. Raspor were always present.

Although  the Director of ECPD Institute was appointed Acting Director General of ICPE on 1 April 2012, this fact did not influence on the activities; even more, many new concrete opportunities arose for increased cooperation between both international subjects, ICPE and ECPD.


Activities of the institute in concrete international and other projects in 2012:


1)            Co-organizing an international forum on 22 May 2012 in Novi Sad, namely, Human Heritage Footprints on Food and health Challenges, together with CEFood Congress and ETN Declaration Ambassadors Network;

2)            Co-organizing an international meeting Innovations in Sava River Basin, 24-25 May 2012, Ljubljana, together with Chambers of Commerce along Sava River

3)            Active participation at Africa Day, 18 May in Ljubljana; the meeting produced new possibilities for ECPD Institute collaboration with some countries in Africa; especially with some developmental institutions in different African countries.


4)            Active participation at the 2nd KEN Forum, 11-12 June 2012, Maribor: - collaboration with KEN is fostering and a special agreement is ready to sign, which will act as a foundation for even more active and concrete collaboration between ECPD – KEN – ICPE.

5)            Cooperation of some ECPD Belgrade participants at the International Conference on Benefits and Challenges of Public Private Partnerships for Improving Energy Efficiency, 24 October 2012, Ljubljana; interest is shown for a similar conference to be held in Belgrade in Spring 2013


Director of the institute has participated at the folllowing international meetings:


-              Role of UN Agencies in cooperation with academic-civic sphere; 11-13 January 2012 (ACUNS Conference), Vienna

-              Cooperation with ICIE – International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, 7-9 February 2012, Moscow

-              Cooperation of European Parliament and RCC Sarajevo on Environmental issues, 23-24 February, Sarajevo

-              Cooperating at 1st Danube Financing Dialogue, 22-23 March 2012; cooperation on projects regarding Daunbe region stays a priority of the Institute's engagemnet

-              Cooperation with prof.dr. Elke Anklam, EU Institute for Health and Consumer protection,  Director, 24 August 2012, Ljubljana

-              Cooperation at 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Chair of Biotechnology, Microbiology and Food Safety, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana; preparing an article with the title »Integration of sustainable approach with regards to current challenges in the society.«




The Institute's income for the year 2012 was mostly brought in from donations  - 8.500 EUR. The same amount, 8.500 EUR were the expenses for 2012, that covered the costs for the office, other material costs and salary for the Director. A more concrete bilance will be seen from the annual account for 2012.


The plan of activities for year 2013 will be prepared separately.

Upcoming International ECPD Institute events and activities:


Program of the Conference

15 - 16 October 2020