ECPD International Institute for Sustainable Development, Urban Planning and Environmental Studies Annual report 2011






ECPD Institute has in 2011 consolidated as a recognizable and credible subject in the field of sustainable development, sustainable urbanism and environmental studies with Slovenian professional public and abroad. Additional value of the Institute is its international framework, since it is a part of an international network of European Centre for Peace and Development, headquartered in Belgrade, that functions in the framework of UN University for Peace and is as such the right medium for exercising the principles of sustainable development, which are also gaining importance in the functioning of the ECPD Institute.


1. Working conditions:


     a) Premises


The Institute has leased offices in the ICPE Building (International Center for promotion of Enterprises) at Dunajska 104, Ljubljana. In 2011, the Institute continued the exemplary cooperation with this affirmed international and intergovernmental institution, not only for renting office spaces, but also in some core projects, such as the continuation of ICAM/RBM International conference. The basis of this cooperation lies in the memorandum of cooperation between ICPE and ECPD, which was signed on 20. May 2010 by dr.Takehiro Togo, ECPD Academic Council President and dr. Štefan Bogdan Šalej, Director General of ICPE.



      b) Staff


In 2011 the Institute did not obtain enough financial resources, so the Director could be fully employed. Although the ambition in 2012 remains and the orientation is that the Institute aims to employ at least one full time employee and up to three contract employees. In 2011, the director spent most of his time for activities of the institute, and was successfully assisted by project coordinator David Tavželj, who has obtained BA in political science at Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana in 2010, and is currently an MA student at the same University in the field of sociology. In 2012, dr. Marjan Vezjak is willing to participate with ECPD as a scientific expert.



         c) Finances


Most of the financial resources in 2011 has been received through donations as well as through preparing studies and elaborates; we continue our successful cooperation with SBRA (Slovenian Business and Research Association), Brussels. As in the last two years, the director has contributed some financial resources for some Institute’s activities.





8 400 EUR

Prepared studies

3 600 EUR

SBRA, Brussels

5 000 EUR

Other incomes

2 980 EUR


20 000 EUR




Director's work

11 850 EUR

Lease costs, accountant

5 800 EUR

Other material costs

2 350 EUR


20 000 EUR


Institute has no unpaid financial obligations.

Institute was actively involved in preparation of some international projects:


A: »Strengthening Urban Climate Change Education - Module Development for the Cities and Climate Change Academy« – UN HABITAT projekt;


B: »South East European Network for Climate Change Adaptation – SEENA« -  SEE Transnational Programme projekt;


C: »ME-Podgorica: IPA — raising environmental awareness« - EuropeAid/130982/C/SER/ME projekt.



Unfortunately in 2011 we didn't gain additional financial support with cooperation in international projects. This is one of the key obligations for 2012. More follows in the ECPD Institute Work-plan for 2012



2. Institute's current activities



1) Cooperating on projects, which are tied to the new EU Danube region Strategy

a) Active role on the project: The contribution of the SME sector to the development of the Sava and Danube region. This is an international project that was constituted at the ICAM conference in November 2011, and where ECPD Institute and its Director have a very important coordinative role. The project collaborators are Economic institutes of all 4 countries that are connected by the international agreement for the Sava River (Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina); ISRBC (International Sava River Basin Commission), Zagreb, also has an important role in the project. Director of ECPD institute has presented the project on various meetings and round tables at Vienna, Brussels, Ljubljana and Skopje. Currently the project is in the phase of gaining the first part of the financial resources that should come from EU/WBIF as well as international financial institutions.


b) Active role on the project: Recreational and long distance tourist Bicycle Lanes along the Sava River, connecting capital cities Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade , which has the same genesis of creation as the former one. Here as well the ECPD Institute bears a coordinative and »catalyst« role. Director presented the project at different international gatherings, such as Ljubljana Forum 2011, Vienna PIDIN Conference and it was also presented to Austrian representatives of SIEMENS.  


c) Director of the Institute was the head of the secretariat of the ICAM conference, mandated by the Agreement on long-term cooperation between ICPE and ECPD, in the framework of projects, related to integrated management of coastal zones as well as river basins of Danube and Sava River.


d) ECPD Institute was particularly engaged in the preparation of the project: Network of observing systems in the Adriatic, where the project leader is Marine Biology Station, Piran, which works in the framework of the National Institute of Biology, Slovenia and some other institutions from our neighboring countries. In summer 2011, a meeting with dr. Kljajić from Biology station Kotor, Montenegro and dr. Šuljan and dr. Delbianco from Politehnika Pula was organized.



2) Continuation of the Climate change and Human health program, where prof. dr. Marina Bujko constantly cooperates as a professional expert. On 19. May 2011, together with Politehnika Pula, a round table was organized, with the title: “Effects of the climate change on people's health with the emphasis on allergies.” Round table was coordinated by Janez Podobnik and the event represents a good introduction for the newly established Regional ECPD Institute for Climate Change and its effects on environment and people’s health in Pula. Firm grounds for cooperation with ECPD Institute were established.



3) Co-organizing a meeting and promoting a CD issue of proceedings together with IRDO Institute in Maribor and Zavod Ypsilon: Social Responsibility – Alternative Economic Path, Ljubljana, 2. March 2011.



4) Co-organizing a meeting at Slovenian National Assembly under the leadership of academic expert prof. Dr. Peter Raspor, together with the Biotechnical Faculty, Slovenian Science Foundation and Rotary Club Ljubljana Center, on the subject: Water and Urban Space – on occasion of World day for Water,  Ljubljana, 22. March 2011, which has brought attention of the majority of Slovenian groups, that are engaged in this field. The programme was carried out by 13 experts and 60 participants at the round table with their contributions.(


5) Cooperating at 10th meeting of the Partnership for Improvement of Danube Infrastructure and Navigation (PIDIN), Vienna, 1. April 2011, where dr. Erhard Busek is the chairman. (presentation of two projects, that were established at ICAM International Conference, namely: Fostering contribution of the SME sector to sustainable development of the Sava River Basin; Recreational and Long distance Tourist Bicycle Lanes Along Sava River , connecting capital cities Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade); both projects are listed on the SECI Danube projects Inventory.


6) Participating at After COP 16 The European Regions role for post Kyoto goals seminar, Brussels, 13. April 2011. (director made a presentation on the proposal of SBRA and represented ECPD Institute and Slovenia – »Low-carbon society-Slovenian experiences and practice« and acquired valuable contacts with Lombardy Foundation fot the Environment (prof.Antonio Ballarin-Denti) .



7) Participating at Graz KEN 2011 Worshop The socially responsible Entrepreneurship and business ethics (director made a presentation on Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship and Slovenian HORUS Awards).



8) Participating at KEN 2011 (continuation of the International Forum EREF concept) in Maribor, which is from its beginnings led by prof. Dr. Boris Cizelj.  Knowledge Economy Network (KEN) has invited ECPD to cooperate and ECPD Institute actively responded with participation by dr. Raspor and Janez Podobnik as well as the internationally recognized microbiologist from India, prof. Dr. Ajit Varma, who was invited by  ECPD Institute.



9) Director Mr Janez Podobnik participated at KEN Workshop in Blagoevgrad, Bolgaria.


10) Preparing an international post graduate programme for Romani Studies, which is based on the agreement between University of Ljubljana and ECPD. These institutons named prof. Dr. Peter Raspor to be the project coordinator, who invited many distinguished experts from different fields of science, such as: prof.dr.Darja Zaviršek, prof.dr. Irena Šumi, prof.dr.Alenka Janko-Spreizer, prof.dr.Maca Jogan in prof.dr. Roter. A special working group was established and had 3 meetings in 2011. At the first meeting, a framework for the programme was adopted, however the content for individual modules is not finished yet and will continue in 2012.





The Institute's Secretariat had regular meetings and many working appointments, where dr. Boris Cizelj and dr. Peter Raspor were always present. Communication with the headquarters of ECPD in Belgrade and especially its Executive Director dr. Negoslav Ostojić was effective and fruitful. Janez Podobnik, as well as dr. Cizelj and dr. Rasport visited Belgrade many times in 2011 and had discussions about current projets, in which the Institute from Ljubljana was also involved. Fruitful contacts have been established with ECPD Pula as well, especially through the dean of Politehnika Pula, prof. Dr. Luciano Delbianco.


Janez Podobnik, Director

Upcoming International ECPD Institute events and activities:


Program of the Conference

15 - 16 October 2020