The European Center for Peace and Development of

University for Peace established by United Nations


The International Centre for Promotion of Entrepreneurship


1)The already established informal links between the European Center for Peace and Development of University for Peace established by United Nations, with its Headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia, particularly through its Regional Institute for Sustainable Development in Ljubljana, Slovenia, (in further text: ECPD) and the International Center for Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Ljubljana, Slovenia (in further text: ICPE) have highlighted the potential for academic benefit as a result of continuing cooperation. The goodwill developed through previous contacts of ICPE experts with ECPD Executive Director Dr. Ostojić, as well as recent meetings and joint initiatives between ICPE General Director Dr. Bogdan Šalej and ECPD representatives Dr. Cizelj, Mr. Podobnik and Mr. Starec, have fostered a desire to seek further opportunities for joint activities.

Aims of this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

2)The two parties to this MoU recognise the goodwill already existing between them, as a dynamic element to facilitate development of additional specific agreements and forms of cooperation.

Scope of the Cooperation

3)The parties commit themselves to explore mutually beneficial collaborative projects in teaching, research, consultancy and postgraduate educational programmes, including the exchange of expert professorial staff of both institutions. Projects are expected to focus on activities to support and enhance the process of transition, development, stability and reconciliation in the South-Eastern Europe, and in other European and Mediterranean areas, with particular attention to the Western Balkan states.


4) Each project plan should include details on the goals, resources, financing and evaluation of that project. Except for what is agreed below, this agreement does not regulate the conditions of individual projects.

5) Actions are likely to involve cross-disciplinary collaboration in a number of areas, which may include:

a)economic, scientific, technological and social developments, humanities in general;

b)business studies, management development and education, strategic management, quality management, financial management, project management, technological innovation, knowledge management, environmental and ecological management;

c)Sustainable development, intended as an integral approach, with all its connected elements;

d)European and International Institutions, EU Law and International Business Law;

e)Public administration, management in local administration, intercultural studies in communication and administration.

Management of Cooperation

6) In order to further the cooperation intended by this memorandum, and to facilitate effective communication and management of information, ECPD and ICPE agree that they will each nominate a liaison officer.

The main contact person of ECPD for the development of individual projects at ICPE is Dr Janez Podobnik, director of ECPD International Institute for Sustainable Development and Urban Planning, seated in Ljubljana (or in individual cases, an expert more suitable for the thematic area of the project), to be considered as officially proposed liaison officer.

The main contact person of ICPE for the development of individual projects at ECPD is _____________________________, to be considered as officially proposed liaison officer.

7)The liaison officers will be responsible for:

a)Establishing and maintaining lines of communication necessary to give effect to the provisions, terms and spirit of this memorandum;

b)Managing the link established between the two institutions through this memorandum and any subsequent agreements; and

c)Undertaking a joint annual review of collaboration between the two institutions, produce a short joint annual report and propose further joint activities.

Financial and Legal Responsibilities

8)Unless otherwise explicitly agreed, each party to this memorandum will be responsible for funding the activities of its staff in support of this collaboration. Financial responsibility for activity to implement other subsequent specific agreements will be agreed and defined within each agreement.

9)The permanent staff of ICPE will not be remunerated in the projects, nor the salary costs for these persons for ICPE covered, except when the projects involve a relatively large amount of their annual work time (over one month during one year). The same restriction is valid for ECPD’s permanent full-time employed staff and experts.

The salary and side costs of persons that are not permanent staff of ICPE, as well as in the case of ECPD, should always be included in full.

When project propositions, within a specific call or project, allow to charge the cost of staff, both ECPD and ICPE will use this possibility, according to the effective load of work for a single partner.

The budgets of the individual project proposals should always cover the travel, accommodation, and equipment and material costs for experts of both parties, ICPE and ECPD.

10) The person with legal signature rights on the individual research projects on the basis of this agreement, for ICPE, is General Director Dr. Bogdan Šalej.

On behalf of ECPD, the person with legal signature rights on the individual research projects on the basis of this frame agreement is Executive Director Dr. Negoslav P. Ostojić.

Individual professors can agree on their visiting periods within these programs personally after consulting their departments.

11) When appropriate opportunities arise the parties shall use their reasonable endeavours to align their areas of expertise to secure funds and resources to assist in achieving the aims referred to in this memorandum or subsequent specific agreements.

Individual Projects and Agreements

12)The subject, nature, extent and application of the provisions of each joint project will be negotiated on an individual basis depending on the constraints of available funds and resources, and be will supported by a written agreement made and entered into by and between ECPD and ICPE.

13)The parties agree to form the Parity Working Group that will discuss and decide within three months upon signature of the present document, appropriately within June 2010, about possible cooperation in realisation of international post-graduate education programmes on specialist, master and doctorial level, as well as about joint research programmes and projects, that will start as soon as the circumstances are favourable, in accordance with previous clause.

14)ICPE will take in consideration the interest expressed by ECPD to participate as a co-founder in a process of establishment of Research Centre (“Raziskovalno središče”) in Ljubljana, which will be registered according to Slovenian national legislation and will be structured as Slovene legal person.

15) Particular annex to this MoU will be made as soon as possible, regarding joint MBA Study Programme “Green Industry” to be realized across South East Europe through the ECPD network of Regional Centres and Institutes.

Networking Activities

16)The partners agree that the programs and projects can and should in all suitable occasions, and according to the suitability of the themes to the strengths of respective partners, include founding members of ECPD International University Network (University of Vaasa, University of West of England from Bristol and University of Toledo), as well as other reliable partners recommended either by ICPE or ECPD

In these instances, the conditions of participation of each university / partner, is regulated in bilateral or trilateral agreements between ECPD, ICPE and the respective university.

Duration of Memorandum

17) This MoU shall have effect from the date of signature for an initial period of 10 (ten) years, and may be renewed by mutual consent of both parties thereafter.

Review of Memorandum

18)Not less than six months prior to the date of termination of this memorandum, the liaison officers referred to in clause 6 will undertake a review of the memorandum of understanding and make a joint report to each party to it.

Termination of Memorandum

19)Either party to this memorandum of understanding may terminate it by providing not less than twelve month’s notice of termination to the other party. In the event of termination prior to the end of the period indicated in clause 17, the parties agree to work together to protect the interests of students and experts deriving current benefit from the collaboration.

Concluding Remarks

20)The present MoU in English language is signed in four copies, each signatory part will have two copies and all copies are to be considered as original.

21)The signatory parties will solve any eventual misunderstanding within the spirit of good academic collaboration, uses and customs, with mutual understanding and respect.

Signed in Ljubljana, on May 20, 2010

Signed on behalf of the European Center for Peace and Development by:


(Prof. Dr. Takehiro Togo, President of Academic Council)

Signed on behalf of the International Centre for Promotion of Entrepreneurship:


(Dr. Bogdan Šalej, General Director)

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