Based on identified common directions on the field of development projects that contribute to development and strengthening of social, business, research and environmental potential of Serbia and the wider region of South-Eastern Europe, the European Centre for Peace and Development from Belgrade and the European Centre for Peace and Development from Ljubljana (ECPD Centre) and the Aliansa Group have both acceded to this Protocol on business cooperation (Protocol).

With this signing of the Protocol, the sides aim to improve the synergy effects and pursue common stance in the wider international arena, at which they will abide to the basic principles of business ethics, fulfillment of concluded agreements and business excellence.

The sides agree that this Protocol is a living document which can be improved with new contents according to the newly identified needs.

The Fundamentals of Cooperation

The undersigned have in the phase of final identification of common development goals concluded that:

  • ECPD Center as an independent international research and educative institution and as an important institution on the field of development of peace strengthening processes and international cooperation activities,
  • and the Aliansa Group, comprising of many separate companies specializing in the fields of project development and implementation, financial source acquirement, financial engineering, expert knowledge in private-public partnerships, development process management, innovative bio- and sustainable-technology investment, knowledge commercialization and human resource management,

Both combine complementary knowledge and potential which both sides wish to use in common projects identified in the following parts of this document.

The undersigned agree that they would enter the projects as partners, with a sensible and logical workload division and that their cooperation in the project running phase will be base on the form most appropriate according to circumstances and that will enable a rational, legal and efficient cooperation.

Areas of Cooperation

I. Common Project Development and Preparation

The goal of cooperation is to create fields of synergy between the two sides and acquire private, national of EU funds for projects in the following fields:

  • strengthening of civil society
  • climate change, ecology and health
  • strengthening of private and public sector absorption capacities for planning and implementation of regional and national development programs
  • EU project promotion, and promotion of cases that contribute to more rapid conformity with the EU Acquis
  • Environment protection
  • Innovation and technology development
  • creation of a supportive entrepreneurship environment
  • other areas of cooperation defined by both sides

II. Common Application to Published Public Procurements of the European Communities or to Public Procurements in Serbia

The goal of cooperation is to:

  • based on Aliansa’s experience with EU funding initial project application processes, transform knowledge and together with ECPD take part on public contract tenders that encourage the absorption capacities of the Serbian public institutions and private sector
  • together with ECPD devise projects that could be offered to ministries and other institutions entrusted with the task of EU project cooperation and management

The undersigned agree that their common approach increases their chances for success and improves their project management capabilities.

III. Creation of Strategic Documents, Evaluations and Studies

The goal of cooperation is to work together on preparation of strategic and operative documentation on the level of the main development, regional and national institutions in Serbia and in the wider region of South-Eastern Europe. These documents present the basis for development projects, acquisition of financial sources from EU funds and improve the region’s attractiveness for domestic and foreign investors.

ECPD Center’s knowledge on development processes is complementary to Aliansa’s knowledge on devising strategic documentation in the Republic of Slovenia and capability of evaluating and moderating development processes.

IV. Common Approach in Serbia and the wider Region of South-Eastern Europe with the Goal of strengthening the Business and Innovation Environment

The goal of cooperation is to establish a grid of education institutions or training centers, to support businesses and the industry and provide for services and knowledge in the following fields:

  • business development and growth
  • product development and commercialization
  • provision of financing
  • improving human resources

The above mentioned activities are meant to promote and improve financial instruments developed by the Aliansa Group. In the time of the signing odf this Protocol, such financial instrument is represented by Venturia 1 hedge fund.

Means of Cooperation

Both sides concur that the following persons are entrusted with putting this Protocol into practice:

For the ECPD Center – Prof. Marina Bujko PhD, EPCD Belgrade

Janez Podobnik, ECPD Ljubljana

For the Aliansa Group – Robert Ravnihar, Director

Both undersigned have pledged to establish periodical bi-monthly meetings, at which it was agreed that the first meeting will be focused on preparation of the annual cooperation program, which will later become a standard for project management and preparation and other joint activities.


Both undersigned agree that this Protocol sets the guidelines for establishment and development of a business partnership which is to be created via separate projects conducted under this contract and in the spirit o this Protocol.

Prepared in Ljubljana, 11th March 2010

ECPD Belgrade
Prof. Marina Bujko PhD

ECPD Ljubljana
Janez Podobnik

Aliansa Group
Robert Ravnihar

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