ECPD International Institute for Sustainable Development, Urban Planning and Environmental Studies Plan of activities 2012



ECPD International Institute in Ljubljana will continue its mandated activities in 2012, which derive from the Establishment Act.

The Institute will prioritize engaging in different international projects that are a part of ECPD International Academic Network with its headquarters in Belgrade.

Furthermore, it will carry on the activities and projects, which were started right after the establishment of the Institute or 2009 as well as those, beginning in 2010 and 2011.

In 2012 the ECPD Institute will put more emphasis on cooperating in the framework of the new EU Danube strategy, which comes as a good opportunity for financial support and for co-financing new projects, as well as those, which ECPD Institute has already started.

Starting in 2012, the ECPD Institute will initiate procedures, to gain the status of a research institution, to be able to apply for financing from Slovenian Research Agency, ARRS.




This year has to bring results of the preparatory work, that has been done in the first two years of the Institute's operation, in the sense of the program and financial/staff consolidation. As goes for the program, the key emphasis will be on research and consultant activities, interconnecting with development of some educational and publicist practices.

The Institute will engage in its activities while connecting with specialized institutions home and abroad (research, educational and nongovernmental organizations). In this sense it will be easier to take part in projects, for which necessary financial means are ensured.




1) Continuing the preparation of postgraduate/doctoral studies of »Romani Studies.« This project is developing in cooperation with University of Ljubljana.

At the same time we are planning to examine the possibilities of formulating the undergraduate program on the same subject as well as exploring the possibility of having a partner institution that would take part in this program.


2) Continuation of the project Climate Change and human health.

In order with financial possibilities the Institute will examine the options that are brought by the new EU Danube strategy giving most attention on areas, concerning food safety, human health and sustainable development.

We are planning an expert workshop in this field of activity. Therefore we will organize a special workshop during the 6 th Central European Congress on Food between 23. – 26. May 2012 in Novi Sad or in Macedonia during a relevant event.

The subject would be: Effects of climate change on human health with special emphasis on food allergies. Expert coordinator will be prof. Dr. Peter Raspor.


3) Active participation on various projects, deriving from the EU Danube Strategy. The Institute will connect with different experts in fields that are interesting for the essential focus of the Institute from different countries in the Danube region. As an already working mechanism we can mention the cooperation with the International Forum »Dunav reka saradnje«, with whom ECPD has already signed a Protocol on longterm cooperation.

A more detailed selection of potential projects will be prepared by March 2012.


4) Cooperating with Knowledge Economy Network / KEN. ECPD Institute has joined this new international academic developmental network in 2011, which is becoming an influential think tank on the field of economy, research and developmental global issues. New sinergies for ECPD Institute activities are unfolding in a sense of proactive engagement for sustainable development concepts and social responsibility as an integral part of knowledge economy.


5) Engaging in different programs and projects that are developing at ECPD Belgrade, Serbia as well as in other countries, where ECPD has developed its active network.

6) Participating at various international forums, round tables and conferences, where the main topic is regarding sustainable development in numerous dimensions: environment, climate change, food safety, biotechnology, renewable energy, social responsibility.


7) Cooperating with ICPE / International Center for Promotion of Enterprises; especially continuing projects, that have originated at ICAM Conference in November 2010 (Recreational and long distance tourist bicycle lanes along Sava river; SME and Sava Region; Network of observing System in the Adriatic).


8) Special attention will be given on concrete preparation for different calls and tenders, EU as well as others in the context of the Institute's activities.

This is one of the reasons why ECPD Institute will register as a research institution and invite new experts from different fields to cooperate in its activities.


Financial aspects for 2012 will be prepared after a discussion with Dr. Ostojić and other ECPD fellow experts, most likely in the second half of January 2012 in Belgrade. Dr. Raspor and Janez Podobnik will be attending the meeting on behalf of ECPD Institute for Sustainable Development, Ljubljana.


 Prepared by: Janez Podobnik

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