Work plan of ECPD Institute for Sustainable Development in 2011




Work plan is prepared on experiences that evolved in the first year of Institute's activities. It developes from projects, which were succesfully started in 2010 and are continuing in 2011; Institute is involved in some new fields of activity, but all of them are regarding the activities, defined by the act of establishment of ECPD International Institute for Sustainable Development, Urban Planning and Environmental Studies (The Institute). The basis for preparing the plan were notions and remarks by members of the Institute Secretariat, especially dr. Cizelj and dr. Raspor. The content of this document was thoroughly discussed on a working meeting on 21. December 2010 in Belgrade, where Mr. Podobnik and dr. Cizelj met the executive director of ECPD, dr. Ostojić and dr. Adamović.

The abovementioned agreed upon Human Resources and especially financial plan of the Institute for 2011 to be prepared in detail by spring 2011, when there will be more details on larger projects, that the Institute will collaborate on.


Institute core activities in 2011:


1) Activities related to ECPD projects

2) Continuation of work on projects from 2010

3) Cooperation in international events

4) Activities in Slovenia


Activities related to ECPD Projects


- organizing summer school of urbanism (unrealised project from 2010) possibilities in the framework of developmental projects of Danube basin, for instance the project on Recreational and long Distance tourist Bicycle Lanes along Sava River, Connecting Capital Cities Ljubljana,Zagreb and Belgrade;

- Coordination of projects, tied to research-urbanistic field of sustainable spatial development, especially on Kosovo and Montenegro (for Example Strategija dugoročnog razvoja turizma na području opština Plav, Andrijevica,berane i Rožaje);

- cooperation in different projects connected with ECPD – for example, presentation of a book called Uvod u kvantno-informacionu medicinu, by dr. Dejan Raković, Antonijo Škokljev and Drago Đorđević (most likely in the first half of 2011), active cooperation with implementation of Protokola o dugoročnoj saradnji (Longterm cooperation Protocol) between ECPD Belgrade and International Forum Danube, river of cooperation; preparing an educational programme on Serbian Chamber of Commerce, called Kooperative u funkciji razvoja ruralnog turizma; (Cooperatives in the function of developing rural tourism)

- Cooperation on establishing post-graduate Romani Studies programme at University of Ljubljana (based on agreement on cooperation between ECPD/University of Ljubljana) – forming a ECPD experts group, that will adopt the curriculum for the International Romani doctoral studies; ECPD Ljubljana coordinator is prof. Dr. Peter Raspor, who will also make a time frame of the project in january 2011.

- coordinating preparations on usage of financial sources from EU Projects; we expect to immerse in collaboration with Aliansa group, with whom a memorandum of understanding was signed in 2010 specifically for that reason; There is a high significance of constant help from dr. Boris Cizelj in Brussels; ECPD Belgrade formed a special workgroup for coordinating preparations for EU project, the coordinator is mag. Ana Nikolov;

- E-magazine (coordinated by dr. Peter Raspor), to promote the Institute as a competent subject on a vast field of sustainable development, we will at the beginning need to focus on subjects, such as impact of climate change on health and nutrition safety.


Continuation of work on projects from 2010



- Cooperation in projects, related to the new EU strategy for Danube Region ( cooperation with ICPE – International Center for Promotion of Enterprices Ljubljana); Institute will play a role of partner or coordinator on different projects, that were firstly introduced on the International Conference ICAM/RBM on 10-11 November 2010 in Ljubljana, for example the project on The contribution of the SME sector to the development of the Sava and Danube region (Institute of Economic Sciences in Belgrade is the project leader and supported by international commission for Sava River in Zagreb), cooperation in ECPD/International forum project, called Danube, River of Cooperation.


-Climate Change and human health: organization of an international forum regarding particular influences of climate change on human health, likely in the second half of 2011 in Ljubljana. Establishing an international school on Climate change and its effect on human health (in the framework of academic programs of ECPD); preparation of projects, covering the goals of the new EU Danube strategy in the field of climate change and safe nutrition from an educational perspective, research and international »Danube« forums; assignments in detail will be completed in January 2011 (Suggested competent coordinator is prof. Dr. Marina Bujko)

-Cooperation with IRDO-Institute for development of Social Responsibility, Maribor, (ddr. Matjaž Mulej) in the field of social responsibility, we are planning to collaborate on organizing an international scientific conference in 2011


Cooperation in international events


- Cooperation with ASO- Austrian Science Office Ljubljana; for instance in the field of discussions and panels: ( Discussing a Global Governance Innovation); Ethical Framework for a Sustainable World;Entrepreneurial learning to Innovations and regional development;


- EREF 2011 - cooperation with the network Knowledge Economy Network – KEN 6-7.junij 2011 Maribor ; subject: Challenges of Human Capital Development,including Gender;


- active cooperation on international forums in the field of sustainable development, especially from the view of food safety, biotechnology of food products and safe nutrition


Activities in Slovenia


- development round tables (ECPD meetings) organized in different cities in Slovenia (Content was in principle agreed upon on 2 meetings of the Institute's Secretariat)


ECPD Institute Financial plan for 2011:





Donations 20.000 €


Participation on projects 10.000 €

Director 15.000 €

Fee's 10.000 €

Preparation of expert studies 10.000 €

Business costs:


Rent 6.000 €

Accounting services 2.000 €

Web page 1.000 €


Material costs:


Office material 1.000 €

Representation and other costs 3.000 €

Travel expenses: 2.000 €


Total: 40.000 €

Total: 40.000 €







Ljubljana, 28. 12. 2010 Prepared by Janez Podobnik, ECPD Institute Director

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