About Social Responsibility, by ddr. Matjaž Mulej:

Social responsibility (SR) addresses the behavior of influential persons and their organizations, because experiences of the recent several decades have demonstrated that the irresponsible one-sided criteria of the 'right' behavior can hardly be corrected by either the market or the government alone. Humans tend to find ways to circumvent law and market, e.g. by lobbying, monopolizing and other ways of disregarding the humans and the human aspect of the business and other social and natural processes.

What is especially overlooked is the crucial interdependence of humans, businesses, technology, and nature. This is why one speaks of three crucial problems of the current civilization: growing over-population, growing lack of natural resources, and growing destruction of the natural environment of humankind. They are crucial, but they are consequences of human behavior, which results from human knowledge and values. The latter human attributes are interdependent too. It is here that the SR enters the scene: it includes the internationally agreed values reaching beyond legislation and requiring the influential persons and their organizations, such as corporations, to no longer be one-sided and biased, i.e. to no longer abuse and misuse their influence in their relations to their coworkers, business and other partners, broader society (this aspect includes charity, too), and nature.

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